Horns Auto

Horns Auto understood the importance of a working digital strategy, but they were spending too much on Pay Per Click Advertising.

Digital Marketing for Automotive


Increase organic ranking of hornsauto.com.  All traffic for the business was generated via Google AdWords at the time we acquired them as a client.


Optimize site for better organic results. Expand pages on site for better keyword coverage of main keywords.


After 4 months of work the site has gone from less than 100 visitors a month to over 1200 visitors per month. This is great for a local San Diego based business. Adding Schema “Magic Techie Stuff” to the site has helped click through rate to the site dramatically.

12 x's the visitors!

Decreased CPC

Increased ROI

From The Client

“The results have way exceeded my expectations, I am less reliant of Google AdWords than I have been in the past. Getting leads organic search has helped me grow the business in the last 5 months.”

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